Besides testicle cancer what other reasons can there be for a enlargement and swelling of the testical?

Hydrocele v common. Most men think erroneously think scrotal enlargement is testicular enlargement. Hydrocele (fluid around testsis) is most common cause of enlargement. Varicoceles & spermatoceles (epididymal cysts) both also common. Testicular cancer feels like a hard lump actually in or on testicle. Testicular cancer can also induce a hydrocele, hence advice to get scrotal ultrasound to diagnose intra-scrotal mass.

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Can testicle cancer spread by un protected sex?

No risk. Testicular cancer is not infectious for other persons, by sex or any other kind of contact. Although some genital cancers are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is sexually transmitted, testicular cancer is not due to HPV or any other known virus. Read more...

Does having one testicle or one "good" testicle increase the chances of testicular cancer?

Depends. IF is due to undescended testicle incidence will be slightly higher on the involved side the reason for its removal if it is not fixed in childhood , on normal side incidence will be same as general population. Read more...