Dr's what is your opinion on letting babies cry it out? Our baby is six weeks old, my husband says let him cry it out but I think he's too young?

See Your Doctor Now. More information regarding your 6 week old infant is needed such as pre and post-natal medical history, feeding/sleeping patterns, and much more. Normal babies experience increased crying by age 2 weeks, crying reaches a peak by age 2 months. A thorough exam and correlation with history is needed to determine if crying is of a benign nature. Early intervention is always best. See your doctor now.
Depends. Most have a hard time with this issue and opinion varies. One sad reality is that babies often cry when they are tired and anything you do will overstimulate them.(make it worse) Once you go through the list of things you can fix;feeding,changing,not to hot or cold,lonely,not ill,etc.You may just need a set of ear plugs and a chance to sit down and monitor from a distance.