How to soften Stools?

No other disease? Each person with constipation needs to be sure there is no other disease causing it. If constipation is just due to slow movement of the food and poop through the gut, then the things to try are vegetables, water, prune juice, prunes, fiber+water, Miralax, (polyethylene glycol) Senokot or other senna, milk of magnesia, other laxatives... A doctor can evaluate and prescribe helpful medication too. Exercise also helps.

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1st part of stool is hard & gets lil blood stain on it. Dont see stain wen taking stool softner. Happning for 3 weeks. How to soften stool widout med?

Avoiding Constipatio. Drink plenty of water at least 64 oz a day, eat more fruits and vegetables and salads. Apple Juice and Prune juice may help. Different kind of beans are rich in fiber too.

My mom has pemphigus foliaceous. She now has diabetes and hemorrhoids from the steroids. Her diet is solely veggies! How to soften stools natural/OTC?

Need more info. This is a complicated problem and there is no quick answer. Your mom must make an appointment with the physician who is treating her diabetes who can make intelligent & important decisions to set things better and keep her health on the correct track both medically and nutritionally.

How effective are stool softeners?

Depends... Stool softeners come in many forms (fiber, chemical and 'natural'), all trying to increase the water content of your stools, as opposed to laxatives that stimulate the bowels to go by various actions, some of which may be quite uncomfortable. Beware of the so-called 'natural' softeners, unregulated by the dea, many of which contain harmful laxatives that can damage your colon cells, worsening it.

How long till stool softener works usually?

Usually within1-3 d. Depends on dose and type; usually works within 1-3 days. Check other factors including diet, activity, other meds, other health issues.

How long till stool softener or stimulant works?

Minimize stimulants. Docusate (per pdr) helps moisten & soften hard, dry stools. It is not true laxative, but facilitates natural defecation, usually within 12 to 72 hours. This is safe & available for children over 2, & assumes normal GI anatomy without inflammation, stenosis, extrinsic or instrinsic obstruction. Change in bowels is a "red flag", like weight loss or blood in stool, that needs evaluation if persistent.

How effective are stool softeners (such as docusate sodium)?

Probably okay, but. Before you contemplate long term laxative dependency, seek medical evaluation--rule out metabolic causes of constipation (e.g. Low thyroid or adrenal conditions), distinguish slow versus normal transit constipation, consider a primary rectal dysfunction that may be treatable with biofeedback, check for structural pathology or extrinsic impingement, or intermittent ileus (e.g. Pseudo-obstruction).

How long after taking stool softener would it take an allergic reaction, such as hives, to appear?

Depends. Stool softeners are rarely allergens although psyllium allergy has been reported. The onset of allergic reaction can be expected from minutes to 2 hours if you are allergic. However I think the hives are more likely from something else.