Could solely raised bladder neck cause - frequent urination/feeling never empty, pressure, knot feel? Flomax (tamsulosin) not helping or other meds.

See remark. The question is not clear?by raised bladder neck you mean bladder neck contracture(obsruction),the answer is YES ! You are relatively young for having this problem.Yes,it causes everything you descibe. Flomax which relaxes the snug bladder neck invariably help,but in your case,at your age,PLEASE see a urologist.Best of luck.

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Have raised bladder neck. Tamusolin (flomax) and betmiga (alpha blocker) don't seem to work still feel always pressure need to pee. What's next to try?

Tuip . I am assuming that you have already undergone a cystoscopy to know that your bladder neck is raised. Although you are much too young for prostate surgery, you may need a transurethral incision of Bladder Neck in order to make the opening bigger. I would first try combination of Flomax (tamsulosin) and myrbetriq (a new medication to relax bladder muscles). . Read more...