Itchy dry palms and feet. Scaly with fissures on both hands and soles of my feet. What could it be?

A common problem- -genetics play a role, so U can only treat the symptoms. there R many products that claim to cure them, but there is no cure, the minute U stop, it returnes. ny dermatologist recs Cera/Ve cream as the best for this. winter is worse due to dry air, decreases humidity. this cream is expensive, so try some others first. Google it & U will find lots. udder Balm is one commonly used. a visit 2 a Derm?

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What are the itchy purple patches under my soles of my feet and palm of my hands?

Eczema? Eczema would be my first guess (possibly with a secondary fungal infection). Unfortunately Donna to diagnose skin issues one must always see and feel the lesions. Can try treating with moisturizer several times a day along with mild steroid cream like cortisone combined with any OTC antifungal cream. If there in no improvement in 2 weeks time, please see your healthcare provider for evaluation. Read more...

Hi! I have itchy colorless spots on my hands and feet that are insanely itchy. I have then on my palms, the back of my hands,  on my feet too!

It would. help answering your question if you could 1/ Provide more information...any allergies?? exposures to viral illnesses??? 2. Attach a picture Ask question again with additional info! Dr Z. Read more...