Which is the treatment options for ENDOMETRIOSIS diagnosed by pelvic ultrasound?

Endometriosis. Is often diagnosed by imaging including ultrasound. It is not definitive but can identify cysts associated with endometriosis, uterine tissue growing outside the uterus. Medications are generally used first including anti-inflammatories including ibuprofen/naproxen, but generally hormone therapy is more effective. Ultimately surgery to remove endometrial tissue or hysterectomy is often done.

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Can the pelvic ultrasound be enough to diagnose endometriosis?

In the. Right clinical context, there are US findings that can support the diagnosis. However, those findings are not specific for endometriosis. Also, a normal ultrasound does not exclude endometriosis.

Would a trans vaginal ultrasound/pelvic ultrasound detect endometriosis?

Give indication. Xr, and anything without direct visualization give an indication as to what is suspected. The symptoms, the exam and the history makes a doctor arrive at a diagnosis as the most likely thing. If in doubt, then direct visualization needed. I hope that gives you reassurance.

Right pelvic pain and cramping, low back pain had the exact thing last month same time with copius dischrage, pelvic ultrasound norm, so were cultures, can this be endometrosis, my mom has it?

Most Likely. Yes, endometriosis is the most likely diagnosis in your case. See your doctor for pain or discomfort relief.
Yes...but need eval. Endometriosis is a possible cause of your pelvic pain. Diagnosis of this condition is done through hysteroscopy. Mittleshmirz is also possible given the timing. This is the pain of ovulation. I would recommend seeing a gynecologist.
Yes. There is a genetic component to endometriosis. And these are typical symptoms. No guarantee that is the problem. A full eval is warranted, often by a fertility specialist (endometriosis expert). To know the exact diagnosis would require some more testing and evaluation.