I got my braces 2 days ago and it's hard to eat right now. When can I eat solid/hard foods again? Because if I don't I will lose more weight..

See answer. the braces are foreign to the teeth and they tight. This hurts the mouth. After about 3 days you will g Feel better and can eat more solid foods. Then when the braces have to be adjusted you start all over again.
Start. With softer foods amd then progress slowly to harder foods. There is no real timeline. It depends on your comfort. As you get more used to the braces, you will get more comfortable with the foods you want to eat.
Transient. You've been through the worst of it. It should get better from here on. You may have some discomfort with each adjustment, but not as bad as the last few days. If you're seeing a qualified Orthodontic Specialist they probably gave you instructions...follow them. Till you feel better soft high protein diet. Don't eat anything hard, sticky, chewy wit braces on, or you'll break braces.
Soft foods. There should be no problem eating soft foods. OTC pain meds will help.