I had immediate dentures 3 weeks ago my gums don't seem to be healing as quickly as I expected. My wife said it could be because I drink too much?

Alcohol plus. Your body does not function as well physically when too much alcohol is consumed. Therefore your healing process is slowed. See your dentist to also see if any adjustments to the denture or your wearing time needs to be made.
Many factors. It takes a long time for your mouth to heal after getting immediate dentures. A lot depends upon the condition of your mouth prior to the extractions and the techniques used by your dentist. Certainly your general health and nutrition play a role in healing. Listen to your wife and ask your dentist to evaluate how well everything is healing.
Alcohol. Alcohol changes the healing capacity of oral tissues, and remember that extraction sites have their own way of naturally filling it.... Your dentures ma be able to be adjusted to facilitate the healing process.
Alcohol ? If you drink alcohol, she is likely right. This will affect the healing process. Also, if you become even slightly intoxicated, you are more likely to abuse the tissues which are trying to heal. And, if you are using adhesive, you are very likely abusing the tissues. See your dentist for evaluation and adjustments. By this time you should have been seen for adjustments at least 4 - 5 times.
May be. Drinking may cause dry mucosal tissue which increase the irritation to the oral mucosa. However, most immediate denture needed to be reline within a month since it is made before the teeth is extracted and the mouth is still inflamed and not heal in those area. Relieve the inside area of denture, reline, and followed up. Antibiotic for localized area of infection may be given.