I had a ct scan of my brain today. Is it normal to have a graph over top of the imagine then the next image without the graph shows a bright white spot?

What???? Would you strike out into the wilderness with no camping or hiking experience, & having never looked at a topographic or hiking map? And then you take a first look at the map and are immediately confused? So what do you do? Post a question on HikeTap? This is analogous, except the knowledge gap in medicine is way, way wider. Just relax and wait for the report.
CT Scan. With any imaging study, it is best to request a CDROM of the images so that you can take this to your doctor when you have a follow up visit to discuss the results of your test. The facility that does your CT Scan will forward a radiologist interpretation of the study to your doctor as well. This should clear up any questions and any abnormalities can have the appropriate follow up planned.
Yes. There are many areas of the brain that normally show up bright white on a CT. Please give the expert radiologist a chance to read it and give his/her report.