On the side of my right knee is a lump that hurts when I bend my leg or sit for a long period of time. It has gotten worse. Any ideas? Thank you!!

Knee bump. If red ,tender to touch may be abscess or may be cyst or ganglion cyst which develops in tendon sheaths from repetitive use. Cysts can be drained an if needed removed. Abscesses have to be drained and need antibiotics f/u with urgent care/doc http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/ganglion_cyst?print=true ( ganglion cysts are common not at all cancer)

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My shin on my right knee that meets the knee protrudes outward, very painful. Painfull to walk, kneel, stand up from kneeling, running for a long period of time sometimes very tender to the touch.

If . If you are young and still growing, this may be due to a condition known as osgood schlater's or tibial tubercle apophysitis. This is a problem that generally heals on its own with time and maturity, although there are several options to help the discomfort in the mean time. Ice, anti-inflammatory medications (oral or topical), and a counter-force strap known as a chopat strap can be helpful. Sometimes a period of rest is needed to allow the symptoms to settle down. While the pain will usually eventually resolve, you may be left with a permanent protrusion or bump just below the knee even into adulthood. If you are already an adult...Different diagnosis but similar treatment is often successful. Ultimately it would be best to have this evaluated by you primary care doctor or preferably an orthopedic surgeon. Read more...