Can I take Biotin/Keratin with birth control pills? Also what is a good dosage?

Probably harmless. There is no information that biotin or keratin interact in a harmful way with birth control pills. We get biotin in whole grain bread and cereals, eggs, dairy products, nuts, dairy products and chicken. Keratin is found in skin, hair, teeth and nails. It is a protein and taking it as a supplement can lead to excess protein in the body and urine. I would save my money and focus on healthy diet.

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I was wondering if I can take folic acid, biotin and birth control pills at the same time?

Yes. There should be no problem doing this. As you know, folic acid is recommended especially for women contemplating pregnancy in order to prevent neural tube defects, but it sounds like this is not in your immediate plans as you are also taking birth control pills. The effectiveness of the pill for contraception should not be effected by taking these supplements.

My period is here early. And I'm on the birth control pills. Can taking folic acid and biotin affect it? And get pregnant?

Doubtful. It is unusual to get your period early, more than a day or two, when you are on birth control pills and taking them correctly. Taking folic acid should not influence this; biotin shouldn't either. If your question is, "Because I'm taking folic acid and biotin, is my period early and could that mean I am pregnant? ", the answer is no. Continue pills as directed.