5 weeks pregnant bleeding and cramping and blood clots the size of golf balls?

Call your ob. Did you have a pregnancy test to confirm you are pregnant? Did you start seeing an obstetrician? If so, call your ob. This is a serious symptom and sign.
Go to ER.. You should go to Er and let them check you out. They will get an ultrasound and see if you have not aborted. It is important.
To ER. You should have an ultrasound and blood tests to see if you are having a miscarriage and to make sure everything looks ok in your uterus and that you aren't anemic. Good luck.

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Real bad head ache and 5 weeks pregnant lower back pain and cramping and blood clots the size of golf balls?

Bleeding pregnant. You maybe miscarrying call you doctor or go to ER today as soon as possible as you can get very weak from blood loss and may be losing a lot and may need IV fluids. Go to ER now.

I am about 4 to 5 weeks pregnant I've been bleeding for a week already. I have no cramps nor blood clots. I went to the doctors yesturday and was told there was an egg sac but they couldn't see anything inside of it. The doctor told me I may be too early

Correct! This early in pregnancy makes it difficult to discern whether it is a developing fetus in the egg sac or a "blighted ovum" of a possible miscarrriage. The "tincture of time" will tell the difference. Be patient as mother nature works on her own schedule.

I am about 5 weeks pregnant I started bleeding about 1 week ago and im still bleeding till this point I have no blood clots or no cramping I had an ultra sound yesturday and the lady said she saw the egg sac but nothing inside of it but my doctor ask me t

Likely Miscarriage. When a fetal pole and heart beat are not seen on early ultrasound, the ultrasound is usually repeated in one to two weeks. Given your bleeding, it is probable that you are experiencing a misscarriage. If you bleeding becomes more than 1 pad an hour or you have increasing pain, you should call your physician immediately.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant been bleeding for 5days I have no pain but tiny blood clots?

See your Ob. If you are pregnant and bleeding, you should see your Ob right away. Bleeding can be a sign of a miscarriage or other problem.

I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant but I've had bleeding and some blood clots is This normal.?

Common, not normal. You are at much higher risk for a miscarriage although it is still possible to have a perfectly normal pregnancy. You need to be followed with pregnancy hormone levels and sonograms (ultrasounds).