Dr gave me remeron (mirtazapine).7.5mg it makes me feel weird in my head all day long, don't like that weird feeling is that normal?

Talk to doctor. Everyone responds differently even to low dose meds. Call prescribing doctor who has your medical/psych history for best guidance on how you're feeling. This may pass or you may need to stop. Not enough info here to advise. Take care.
QHS or QAM? Remeron (Mirtazapine) is considered a sedating medication for anxiety/depression or even used solely as a sleep aid. If taken in the morning (QAM) then it may account for feeling "weird" during the day. If taken before bed (QHS), then feeling strange during the day is less likely but still possible. Note: 7.5mg once per day (am or pm) is a low dose (usually prescribed as a once daily med). .