Is there any type of endoscopy where the doctor can see inside your liver directly with a camera? If not is there any procedure that does allow a doctor to see inside your liver directly?

We below. you are so young? What really is your concern? There are some wonderful and helpful diagnostic tests to help evaluate and suspicious area of the liver. But why would one so young be so worried?
No. . Liver cannot be seen directly. But you don't need to. There are other ways where a complete picture could be seen through other scans. If if you want your liver to be checked then go tontine doctor or a gastroenterology specialist who will choose the best study to know what is wrong with your liver. He may also ask you to go for some blood work depending upon your problem. Good luck. .
Yes there are ways t. There are many medical means to check your liver ". Before you will understand what I mean, you need to know the anatomical structure of the liver. it is made of cells, ducts to drain bile and blood vessesl going into it and coming out of it. All these structures have individual tests/means to be checked either with blood tests or with Imaging studies using CT, Sonography, MRI(MRCP) and ERCP.