How long will I be out of sports with either a grade 2 or 3 ankle sprain and two nondisplaced fibula fractures (I hurt my ankle 4wks ago; I'm 17 yrs)?

Minimally 12 weeks. Without a complete history of your injury and sports activity, the non-displaced fractures will take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to heal (assuming there are no complications in healing) and in general soft tissue injuries such as the an ankle sprain will be longer about 12 weeks (= 3 months). Again, that is assuming that you are compliant with treatment regimen prescribed by your doctor.

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How will I be out of sports with a sprained ankle (either a grade 2 or 3 sprain) and a fractured fibula with two subtle breaks?

If no ligaments - -torn, no displacement of the fibula, and no ankle mortise spread, a cast for 6-8 wks. Is my guess. Then rehab until full ROM & strength returns, I would not let you return to sports. Rehab includes balance, cutting, jumping and fast stops. It is a season ending injury. B SURE U R C-ING AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON, PREFERABLY ONE FELLOWSHIP TRAINED IN SPORTS MED.
It takes about. 6-8 weeks for bone to heal. Assuming it did heal in that time, I would recommend another few weeks before getting back int anything competitive. But, this all depends on your xrays and clinical findings. At the end of the day, its whst your treating doc decides.