I am in need of DNA TESTING for screening of hereditary and existing diseases. I've had several done by my past doctor and had medication testing done but don't have the reports for them. I'm sick and don't have a diagnosis. I'm very frustrated.?

Odd question. There are in excess of 200 known genetically influenced disorders and no one test or panel of tests that looks for all of them. Some are only done in a few research labs and only when after specific symptoms make it worth the effort. If you have an undiagnosed condition, your best approach is to spend time finding a doc you can communicate with and less time seeking self diagnosis on the net.
More info needed. It is difficult to know why you think that you need genetic testing. What kind of genetic tests have you had, why did you have them, and were any positive? If you have the dates of testing and can remember which lab did the testing, yu can call the lab directly. Quest and LabCorp have special genetic testing laboratories, and you may call them and ask for a genetic counselor to explain results.
Frustrating! I'm sorry you are sick and frustrated. You should be able to get copies of your medical record (and reports) from your doctor's office just by asking for them. If you aren't getting anywhere, you might consider getting a second opinion from another doctor. If a genetic disorder is the source of the problem, you might also consider consultation with a genetic counselor. Best wishes!