I'm asthmatic today I took my inhalers to loosen my chest but they didn't relieve it they seemed to make my chest tighter what should I do?

See a doctor now !! . Asthma exacerbation is a serious condition. You need to see a physician right away !! .
Mgt workup. If you have a peak flow meter, this is a helpful way to gauge your airflow. I would suggest seeing the ED or Urgent Care center for a possible course of oral steroids and further assessment. A virtual appointment may be booked online once you are seen in the ED or UC at healthtap.com, Dosanjh MD.
See doc or go to ER. This is likely from mucus plugging up your airways. You need to get immediate medical attention now. Don't wait another second longer. I am assuming that your asthma has been going on for awhile. However if this occurs suddenly without any trigger (viral , allergen exposure etc) , then it may not be asthma at all. Do you have more problem breathing in or pushing the air out?