I cleaned fish tank that hadn't been cleand in over yr. Wore gloves but now I have headache. What are chances on brain eating amoeba?

With this scenario. extraordinarily low. Naegleria fowleri
is most often found in warm lakes, rivers, hot springs, warm water discharged from industrial plans,& poorly chlorinated or un-chlorinated pools. “Naegleria fowleri can grow in public & private water tanks and pipes, especially where little or no disinfectant (like chlorine or chloramine) is present. It can also grow in the pipes & water heaters of homes & >
No chance. Brain eating amoeba don't live in your fish tank. The question makes me concerned, however, about you in other ways. Do you tend to fear contamination and disease a lot? Is this kind of fear interfering with your life? If so, please see a specialist to get evaluated for obsessive compulsive disorder.