I take birth control for acne. Is it likely that you grow out of acne and than when you go off bc acne doesnt really come back?

Can happen. Yes, the acne may not necessarily return when you stop birth control pills.
Some do, most don't. It varies a lot among patients... but the hope is that the acne doesn't come back after stopping birth control pills. The combinations (2 hormones) pills can be used for months to several years, and then time has passed and the girl or woman is older. Because most acne goes away with age, acne usually doesn't return after stopping pills. But, a few women are unlucky and still have some acne later.
Maybe. Most look at acne as a ritual of passage affecting mostly teens. While many have it into their early twenties, a few go on to have it well into their thirties. Each individual will have whatever outcome their genetics dictate.