Can I get condoms from my pediatrician?

They are all over! They are really easy to find and buy. Grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, etc. I'd try to avoid the 'silly' ones in favor of those from familiar medical companies, but if your Dr sees lots of teens, it's possible you can ask. You deserve respect for this wise choice, don't worry about being put down! Best wishes!
Why????????? You can find these available without prescription at Dollar stores/Walmart/Target, etc.You just need to look. If you want some instruction on use or an idea on what to look for when you shop, that would be a good question for the doc.I never carried them in my 3+ decades of office practice and cannot remember ever having anyone ask a question about them. I did suggest their use when needed.
Maybe. You will have to ask your pediatrician's office if they have condoms. Some do but not all. You should also be able to get them at the health department or Planned Parenthood. Hope that helps. Congratulations on being so responsible.