What kind of diet good for chronic IBS?

R U Fiber tolerant? Fiber, of both water soluble and water insoluble variety, provides health benefits. Fiber accelerates how quickly food transits through the gut. Fiber adds bulk to stool & improves bowel regularity. Fiber can be used as an adjunct to weight loss by filling you up without excess calories & in so doing restricting fat intake. Too much fiber can make you gassy & increase stool volume--hence conflict.
There is not. a "single" diet for the condition! Some patient's with IBS have CONSTIPATION , some have intermittant DIARRHEA . Some are LACTOSE intolerant! You need to obtain the opinion of a Gastroenterologist who can study your situation and recommend accordingly! I know its a frustrating condition...however there are now effective medications available!!!! See a GI specialist! Hope this helps! Dr Z.
Try Low FODMAPs. There are many diets that may help with IBS but the most successful appears to be the Low FODMAPs diet. See http://ibs.about.com/od/treatmentofibs/a/The-Fodmap-Theory-For-IBS.htm and http://tinyurl.com/oxjvpnc Many with IBS have undiagnosed parasites. Try 2 tbsp of ground papaya seeds once a week for 3 weeks which will clear most parasites and is safe if you don't have them. Also try probiotics.