I'm concerned that I have herpes, I suffer from Anxiety so going to see someone is difficult : (?

Mentally weigh. the pain of possible herpes w/going to the doc and getting answers and treatment if needed. It will weigh out on favor of seeing your doc. Feelings will be stronger than this logic but you can overcome it by healthy self-talk, i.e., reminding yourself that this visit to the doc is in your best interest. Peace and good health.
Need to seek help. The anxiety can be a medical problem in itself. Most people feel anxiety at times. Even doctors would feel some anxiety when they have to see a doctor themselves .When this normal anxiety becomes limiting so that we can not do things it is a psychiatric illness called an anxiety disorder and can be treated. Speaking with a counselor/ parent/ doctor can help to live better.
GP. Please go see a GP. Unitl unless you do, you wont be able to address your fears and I would argue - it'll be then a vicious cycle.
Just do it! If seeing a doctor is difficult because you fear the diagnosis, you know that's silly. Such anxieties almost always improve afterward; even confirming the feared problem is less stressful than worry about it. So just do it! If you suspect genital herpes and don't want to see your regular doctor, you can get expert, confidential, lifestyle-sensitive care at an NHS GUM clinic. Good luck!
Difficult situation. Some suggestions: 1) identify the primary concern that provokes anxiety - embarrassment? Fear of the unknown? Fear of talking to a provider? 2) find a way to communicate this concern to your provider to help you feel more comfortable in preparation for a visit, or have someone you trust help out. Available for consult if needed help devising a plan to get you the care needed. Be well.