Can you die from an abscessed tooth/ toothache?

Yes. If the infection spreads uncontrollably to other parts of your body it can be difficult to treat. Although this is a very rare possibility in today's world, it was quite common before antibiotic treatment was available. Don't wait, see a dentist for care now.
Of course. An abscess that is untreated can cause blood poisoning that could lead to death. See your dentist ASAP.
Yes. Some untreated dental abscesses may progress to a life threatening stage. Any dental abscess should be considered a serious problem and should be treated.
Yes. Yes. Rare but deaths have occurred. See a dentist soon to take care of your tooth.

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Best way to numb tooth pain from an abscessed tooth?

See below. Take care of the source of the abscess with a definitive procedure at the dental office to remove the infection rather than mask the pain with a painkiller.
Local anesthetic. (administered by your dentist). Like a splinter in your finger, dental pain exists because there is a problem. Would you take pain medication and antibiotics to manage the splinter? Not likely: you would take it out! See your dentist. Solve the problem. Take fewer meds & be well :-).
If truly abscessed. I would recommend an antibiotic for a few days prior to starting treatment. Please see a dentist for this. You do not want to dilly dally with an abscess. It can get significantly less fairly quickly.
See a dentist. Try oral gel or over the counter pain medications like ibuprofen. But the best option is to see a dentist and get the tooth treated asap.
Med. Dentist. OTC pain meds and see dentist TODAY. You can usually get same day appointment.

I believe I have an abscessed tooth. Pain level hovers around 7. Do I dare wait until monday or should I seek emergency care immediately? Thanks!

Immediate is better. If your dentist can see you today that would be ideal. If not they may be able to prescribe an antibiotic and/or pain killer to get you through till Monday. In the mean time keep this tooth clean with gentle brushing and warm salt water rinses. Avoiding sweet and sticky foods should help as well. Good luck.
Abscessed tooth. Call your dentist. Dentists do have emergency coverage for things like this so this is your first option. Most hospitals do not have dentists in the ER so this is not the best thing to do.
Now. Call dentist today. Dentists either will see you or refer you to an emergency dental resource.

Can you have a tooth abscess with no tooth pain? I have a pain near my cheek bone when I bend foward or press had cold which is gone but pain still

Yes. You can have a dental abscess without pain. Have your teeth examined by your dentist. You may also have sinusitis.
Of course. In most cases, an abscess or chronic tooth infection may form without any pain until it has advanced for some time. Any person with symptoms linked to a dental abscess should see a dentist promptly.
Yes, consider sinus. Yes, you may have a sinus infection. See an oral surgeon to sort things out.