Chest pains but in left side?

Not specific. Pain on the left side of the chest can be caused by many problems ranging minor ones that tend to get better on their own (like a muscle strain) to the very serious and life threatening, like a pulmonary embolism or blood clot in the lung. A doctor can sort this out based on the kind of pain, other symptoms, physical exam and maybe tests. If persists or severe best to see a physician.
Multiple Causes. Chest pain can be a symptom of heart disease but may be may other things such as esophageal spasms, great vessel disease, respiratory disorders (asthma, COPD, bronchitis, infections), and muscle problems to name a few. It really depends on the clinical situation and other symptoms you may be having. It is very unlikely that at 28 it is serious but should see a doctor to get more information.

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Having chest pains on my left side?

Non-specific CP. Unlikely to be heart related at your age and most likely pleuritic, musclulskeketal or acid reflux related. With no descriptors provided, one could only make an educated guess as to what this could be. Likely benign but get evaluated and treated by your doctor.

Why am I having sharp chest pains on the left side of my chest?

Probably not serious. Chest pains are usually worrisome because of the concern about their being due to heart disease, especially coronary disease. Sharp discomfort is not usually coronary in origin. Most often, these are chest wall (musculoskeletal), and resolve spontaneously or after simple remedies. Gastrointestinal or pulmonary causes may play a role, less commonly pericarditis (inflammation of sac around heart).

I have sharp chest pains on my left side from time to time. It's so painful I can't move sometimes and it lasts from 2-3 days some times.

Exam. At your age and without the advantage of your clinical history and exam, I would recommend you contact your doctor for a good exam with whatever he/she feels appropriate given the entire picture. There are a number of possibilities ranging from the trivial to the deadly serious.

I have sporadic, sharp and cramping chest pains on the left side of chest?

Musculoskeletal. Sounds atypical for heart disease especially if not related to exertion, breathing or other symptoms. If it is worsened with deep breaths, it could be pleurisy, PTX or pericarditis but these are both usually persistent not sporadic. Does it hurt to raise your arm or move in a particular position? In any event, check with your doctor this week and be aware of any new or progressive symptoms ->ER.

Please doctor I have been having serious chest pains around the left side of chest and back. Although its subsided, its still lingering. Please help diagnose?

Chest pain, left. Despite your young age, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If you have trouble breathing, feel lightheaded, feel sweaty, feel sick to your stomach, or feel the pains in your arms or jaw, go to a hospital emergency department right away.

Hi im an 18 year old female and I have been having chest pains on my left side for about 3 days now. Is it gas? I told my dad thats wat he said.

Need more info. Not enough info to answer your question. Chest pain can be due to heart issues, lung problems, musculoskeletal problems, even anxiety. The type of pain, location in the chest, severity, aggravating and releiving factors, timing and associated symptoms all provide critical clues to determining the cause, and treatment.

I have been having sharp stabbing chest pains on the left side under my heart. They last for only a few minutes and worsen when I breath or move.

Texidor's? This is almost certainly the "stitch" / "texidor's twinge" / precordial catch. It's very common and not a problem. I believe it's caused by a fold in the pleura which explains why it vanishes if the lungs are inflated to their maximum. If you do get chest pain accompanied by obvious systemic problems, or this doesn't go away, get seen.