The are two tears in my external meniscus, as well as an ACL sprain and two 1 cm cysts in my left knee. There will be a requirement for a surgery eventually. In the meantime, how can I manage the pain. I was taking Morphine 2mg and that wasn't helping. No

Try NSAIDS. NSAIDs will provide decreased swelling from inflammation and injury. Try to stay off narcotic preoperatively so that Narcotics can work effectively after surgery for several days.
Best answered by Ur- -treating surgeon. He/she is familiar with what symptoms U have. If U have swelling, locking, giving way & pain, U R causing damage 2 Ur joint articular cartilage. This can lead 2 life long consequences. Discuss with Ur surgeon, get the pros & cons. Then it up 2 U 2 decide which course 2 follow. Make an informed decision. .