I'm on Alprim or Keflex for long term treatment for recurrent uti's. I usually have E. coli but sometimes staph?? I still get uti on my antibiotics!

Resistant UTI. Bacteria causing UTI vary widely in antibiotic susceptibility, and the more frequently UTIs recur or are treated, the higher the chance of an antibiotic-resistant infection. Resistance to both trimethoprim (Alrpim) and cephalexin (Keflex) isn't rare, especially after repeated treatmnt. You need a urine culture test with testing of the bug for the best antibiotic. See a doctor about it. Good luck!

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I'm on long term keflex for reocurring uti. They found staph in urine, now on 7 day course antibiotics (alprim) what's staph how did I get it??

May be contamination. Staphylococcus species are commonly found from the skin. It is possible that contamination of the urine sample occurred. However, if you are continuing to have infections proven by cultures, then an evaluation to rule out anatomic abnormalities is needed. This included imaging to make sure the kidneys/ureters are normal and a cystoscopy to ensure the bladder is normal. Talk to a urologist. Read more...