5 red spots on my arm one is big starting a little bit to blister., another spot is smaller that is completely blistered/bubbled up., none itchy.?

Unexplained rashes. should be examined. Give a call to your gp.
Rash. Is sounds like you may be developing a skin infection. Keep the area clean and apply polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) and see your doctor. You may need antibiotics. All the best.

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6 very red, raised painful blisters on elbow. Not itchy, feels like a burn. Happened once before in exact same spot, went away by itself. What is it?

viral infection. A recurrent eruption of tender small vesicles on the same area is most likely herpes simplex. If you have a prodrome of sensation in the area prior to tha appearance of the eruption it is most likely. There are medications for this. See your dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. Read more...

Hi I've recently come up in small spots on my legs, arms, belly and back an they look like tiny blisters an are a bit itchy. What could it be. Thank you?

Would need to see . . . to be certain. There are so many causes of itchy rashes. Given that this has spread all over your body, and looks like little blisters, AND is itchy, you really should contact your doctor, to be evaluated. If this IS actually chicken pox, adult infections can be more severe than childhood chicken pox. So, the sooner it is evaluated, the better. Read more...