I have been treated for Adult ADHD for 8 years by my doctor who retired this month. I am in need of a doctor who can continue my same prescriptions.

Time for new doc. There are many physicians who are qualified to assume the care of your issues. You may want to ask your retired doc or consult your insurance list. You will need to transfer your records. Since most of the treatments are meds closely monitored by the feds, don't expect anything automatic. Docs must create a record, including exam findings, history & any testing to justify the meds.
Primary care doc. Your primary care doctor can prescribe your medication. If not ask your previous doctor for a recommendation.
Better solution . you can treat ADHD with medicines or treat the cause. We propose to treat the cause. To learn about causes search dr Doris Rapp and ADHD and you will find several videos. Then visit us at www.ehacstl.com to learn more. Under current laws most of meds for ADHD CANNOT be prescribed over the phone even for established patients who have been seen in the office.
Change of doctor. You may contact your insurance to see a list of Doctors. You can call the offices to see if the doctors will continue your current prescription. Some doctors may be reluctant to prescribe Amphetamines for adult ADHD as they are Scheduled drugs and have potential for dependency and abuse. Good luck.