I have a cold on that day of wisdom teeth extraction and Immediately feel nausea, vomited after waking up from anesthesia. How long gut muscles heal?

Side effect. Vomiting may be due to virus or meds side effect. No damage to jut muscles. Ask oral surgeon about vomiting. Meds are often prescribed. Take narcotic pain meds with food on stomach to minimize nausea from pain meds.

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Vomitting s/p wisdom teeth extraction my 18 yo daughter had her wisdom teeth out today. We gave her 1 percocet at 1pm along with jello and smoothie - at 2pm she vomited. We tried some jello a little later but the same thing happened. She is still has s

Nausea. Nausea after surgery is an occasional occurrence and can result from a combination of factors. Certain medications used during the sedation procedure can cause nausea, particularly if the patient is prone to motion sickness. Secondly, if small amounts of blood are swallowed after surgery, it can combine with the acid in the empty stomach to cause nausea. And finally, taking percocet, particularly on an empty stomach, will cause nausea a large number of patients. The brown/black bilous material is blood that has been coagulated by the stomach acid. When this situation occurs, I have my patient's temporarily stop all medications and have them begin taking small amounts of room temperature sports drinks. I then have them slowly work to room temperature bland foods. When they tolerate these items it is safe to start the medications again. This condition usually passes quickly, but if it does not contact her surgeon. Do not let more than 4 hours pass as this may lead to serious dehydration. She may be prescribed an anti-emetic, my favorite being Phenergan (promethazine) suppositories.
Percocet side affec. On an empty stomach, many vomit after taking percocet. Jello is not enough to prevent this. Soft but solid foods should be eaten first, liquids are not enough for many people. Try tuna fish, mac and cheese, soft bread, etc.