Can I take birth control like ortho tri cyclen (ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate) lo for years to clear my acne? Is this safe?

Yes. If it is otherwise appropriate. The oral contraceptive pill also offers other health advantages that aren't well-known, even if you do not need birth control. There are also risks. Your physician will hep you make an informed decision.

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I am taking Ortho Tri Cyclen (ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate) Lo birth control for acne. It has cleared up my skin quite a bit, will acne return when I decide to stop taking the pill?

Possibly . Sometimes you outgrow acne and in that case it won't recur but birth control pills just treat the acne. They don't cure it. You can stop them and see if you have outgrown it and restart them and they should still work for you. Hope this helps. Read more...

Just started ortho tri cyclen (ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate) lo birth control. % of people that actually get blood clots seems too common? Scared. What is the actual % of people who get serious side affects from this drug?

I . I am not aware of the actual percentages of each side effect of this birth control pill (bcp). If you check the package insert, this information should be there. On the other hand, i can tell you about my personal experience. I have been in practice well over 5 years. I prescribe bcp's all the time. I have never had one patient develop a blood clot from bcp. I believe part of the reason is that i screen my patients very well. I do not give the pill to anyone who has had a history of blood clots or a family history. Also i will not give the pill to a smoker over 35, and strongly advise against it in my younger patients. Bcp's are safe and very effective if given to the right patient. They protect against ovarian and uterine cancers. If your doctor felt you were a good candidate, then your odds are very low for developing any serious complications. Take care. Read more...