Fat im fat so fat can you help me?

YOU CAN DO IT! So was I. I mean fat. In elementary school. I was made fun of. Embarrassed to take off my shirt, got into fights etc etc. I eventually got pissed off.Yeah angry Pissed off at the world and pissed off at myself.That was the turning point. You become determined to do something about it and never give up till it's solved. By the time I graduated Jr. High I looked a lot different. FIND YOUR MOTIVATION.
Obesity is a result. from eating both carbohydrates & far more than minimum needed to stay alive (for whatever emotional belief, evasion issues). Study my answers on HealthTap, aggressively go HFLC foods, weigh daily: AM nude after toilet, record wt. to track status while reviewing what you ate previous day. Track what works, not all the nonsense widely promoted by others & ads which are about keeping you disabled.