Sometimes i"ll get involuntary eye movement my eyes will move side-to-side vary fast this comes and goes, ill go weeks without it happening then it will start happen again. It has happened 2 times today; is this normal?

This is not normal. If your eyes are moving side to side involuntarily, this may represent a type of eye movement called nystagmus. You should see an ophthalmologist during one of these episodes so that they can evaluate your eye movement. While some causes of this type of eye movement, there are some more serious causes as well. A good place to start is to get a comprehensive eye exam.
Muscle spasm. Normal. Involuntary muscle spasms are normal. However, if they become persistent or affect vision or appearance (for example a drooping eyelid), please seek immediate medical advice.
No. You are experiencing vertigo. No nausea or dizziness? You need to see a physician to find the cause. Avoid driving or other hazardous activity. You can try otc meclizine if safely sitting or lying down, but it could make you sleepy. Good luck!