I tested positive for hsv 2 with 3.1 igg but negative for hsv 1 The weird thing is when I was pregnant I was tested and didn't have hsv 2 but had hsv?

HSV2, prob not HSV1. Probably you meant positive for HSV1 when pregnant, right? Was that a blood test or swab test from a genital lesion? The blood test is less reliable for HSV1 than HSV2. Or maybe lab reporting error and you really had HSV2. At present, you can be quite sure you have HSV2 (almost certainly genital). But speak with your doctor about confirmatory testing, ideally with a Western blot test. Good luck!
I wouldn't worry. Truth is, herpes bloodwork isn't all that accurate. Nobody knows what it means to have antibodies but never express lesions, as many people do. Are these antibodies due to something else? This remains unanswered.