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My gf kissed her period for about 15days or so? She take a home pregnancy test it came up negative. She taking on a diet recently and taking herbalife

Unclear question. Kissing does not cause pregnancy. Herblife will not do her any good and may not do any harm either. If you do not want your gf to be pregnant use contraception all the time, every time.

18 days are passed from my last period date. I take home pregnancy test 3 times and even from laboratory but it was negative. Should I wait more?

At this point trust. The pregnancy tests. Reasons for missed/late periods: low body weight, obesity, marked weight ^ or v, over-exercise, endurance athletics, breast-feeding, ^ stress, illness, eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia), anovulatory cycle (no egg released), travel, hormone irregularities, drug use, meds (i.e., birth control) or medical problems. #1 reason is pregnancy.

I had a 1day period that is usually 4-7days. My home pregnancy test was negative, should I take a blood test?

Re do the test. If 4-5 days have passed since the last test, you may be just as well off by doing the home test. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions for the test carefully.

My wife is 5 days late for her periods. The home pregnancy test kit came back negative. But we do not want to take any chances. We are not planning for a baby right now. Is there a way to abort using a pill or by certain food in case she is pregnant?

Not pregnant. IF she is late for her period then a pregnancy test is reliable. The negative test indicates she is not pregnant. If you do not believe the result then repeat it 1-2 days to verify. You can not have an abortion when you are not pregnant. There are no foods that cause miscarriage. The best solution is to start birth control which will regulate her cycle and prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Periods have always been every 2 weeks and I'm four days late, sore breast, two home pregnancy test are negative, should I take another and when?

In a week. Waiting another week and testing with first urine of the morning would be helpful. If your periods are every 2 weeks, you should talk to your doctor as that is very close together.

I have had 2 periods in the past 4 weeks I took a home pregnancy test it was negative the first time should I take another one this time?

Depends. Home pregnancy test is best taken 4-5 days after a missed period. It does not appear that you missed a period, so doing hpt would not be useful.
Abnormal bleeding. Bleeding is never an indication of pregnancy. You also don't gave two periods on a cycle. It sounds like you have abnormal vaginal bleeding. This is caused by infection, cancer, or hormonal abnormalities. It means you need an evaluation by your trusted gynecologist.