I scratched the inside of my ear with my fingernail about 2 weeks ago. And it still hurts like crazy! I can't sleep because it hirts so bad!

Need to see Doctor. You may have an abscess (boil) in your ear canal and need antibiotic medication. Have your physician examen your ear.
Get seen! Your scratch should have healed by now. Since it has not, you likely have an infection. Get seen and treated, or consider using Healthtap Prime for a very reasonably priced virtual consult, evaluation with a doc, and treatment.
Ear pain. Greetings. The scratch to your ear canal has probably become infected. Tylenol (acetaminophen) then Motrin can help with the pain. See your doctor. Ear drops and possibly an ear wic may be needed. Often times I will place a patient on a short round of steroids to assist with the pain relief and reduction of swelling. Good Luck.