Ok I was having white discharge with no odor and itching did occur. There was no burning while urinating. I Tried the Monistate but it didn't work?

White discharge. There are other causes of discharge such as bacterial vaginosis . If it is thick white and appears to be yeast infection there is a lot of resistance to monostat. You may want to try another topical such as gynolotrimin. You can also see your doctor and they can prescribe oral diflucan (fluconazole) - usually one dose does the trick. Natural remedies include boric acid suppositories. Good Luck.
Vaginal discharge. Any new or unexplained vaginal discharge should be professionally evaluated. It was reasonable to try Monistat, and it may still be yeast; some yeast infections are resistant to Monistat and similar drugs. But there are plenty of other possibilities. Any chance you are pregnant? If sexually active you should be tested for STDs. Good luck!