Haven't slept well in a few days, anxiety is crazy. Scared to take ativan (lorazepam) but therapist and ER told me to. Everything feels like a dreams. Took. 25 and I'm not even tired. Dose is 0.5 x2 A day.

Break from routine. One of the things that tends to make anxiety spiral out of control is obsessing over it. You need to distract yourself. Ultimately, drugging your mind into a daze is not going to solve your problems. You need to get involved in things beyond yourself. Volunteer for others in need, take up an outdoor hobby, go swimming, exercise, anything but obsessing about anxiety should help.
GAD or OCD. Your symptoms could you be more than regular anxiety, either GAD=Generalized Anxiety Disorder or OCD=Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. A feeling out being out of control and can't stop thinking about it. Ativan is a decent temporary treatment , but if its GAD/OCD, the treatment of choice are the SSRI's, antidepressants that work long term without much side effects. Side benefit is better sleep.