Hemochromatosis is always hereditary or congenital? I have cirrhosis in the liver and moderate iron accumulation, which one caused the other one?

Need more info. How was diagnosis made? ferritin >200 with % iron bound >50%? unfortunately, the liver bx is unreliable for determining amount of iron accumulation, as one are may be normal and another area may be very high. Were you found homozygous for specific predisposing genes? If not homozygous, it is not likely genetic. Have they started therapy? Look up N-acetyl cysteine in Wikipedia.
Need more info. Being that you are a female of 47 years, you are unlikely to have developed cirrhosis from hemochromatosis, even if you have the defective gene. Do you drink alcohol? Did you have hepatitis B or C? Hemochromatosis is generally hereditary. Congenital means present at birth, hereditary or not.