What is the purpose of iodine covering during knee surgery?

Germ Killer. The iodine solution covering the skin in most surgeries as well as applied many times after skin incisions is for infection prevention. By treating the skin, the chance of an infection at the time of surgery is substantially reduced.

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What happens during arthroscopic knee surgery for plica?

Arthorscopic surgery. In arthroscopic surgery the surgeon looks 360 degrees around the entire knee. If the patient has a plica the surgeon would incise it with an instrument. That being said I would anticipate that the plica is a secondary diagnosis and not the prime reason for the surgery.

What are the odds of waking up during a knee surgery?

Depends. If it a spinal anesthesia the odds are pretty good to be at least a little awake discuss with your anesthesia doctor.

Gonna have knee surgery. I just lost 30lbs and I always eat right & walk. During the healing process, what can I do to keep the weight off while down?

So, You'veGotKneesles. Strict diet. Protein for healing 1gm/pound/day. Lots of greens and NO processed foods, especially carbs (bread, potatoes) or sugars (ice cream, candy, etc).In other words be miserable and get used to it. In the process you will learn what you like and how to prepare it--then you can have guilt-free junk every now and then. Also, you have an upper body-use it!! Swim if you can. Ask your P.T. for advice.
Less calories. First, congratulations on the hard work you put in toward your 30 lbs weight loss! While you are recovering, it is understandable that it will be difficult to keep up your physical activity. You will likely need to cut down on your daily calorie consumption for a short period of time until you are able to walk again. You may want to cut it by no more than 10% for that short period.

I had knee surgery about 5 months ago and now a new MRI shows that I have a menicus root displacement. How can that be? It wasn't there during surger?

Retear. We are at a disadvantage because we were not there at the surgery, but it is not uncommon to retear a meniscus or extend a preexisting tear. The fact that you had surgery presumably for a tear speaks of the underlying weakness of the meniscus. So a new displaced meniscus root tear most likely represents a new tear after the surgery.
Not too unusal. Several things happen with surgery. Some areas are harder to see with arthroscopy than others, and without any indications of additional injury, that area may have been overlooked. Your meniscal root displacement may have been present in the prior study, or may not. You can ask your Doctor to have the two studies compared. Remember that changes in stress after surgery can cause additional injury.

During laparoscopy knee surgery doctor 'cleaned up' chondromalacia, what does that mean?

Chondroplasty. Cleaning up chondromalacia means that the uneven loose cartilage on the surface of the bone was likely shaved or 'cleaned up'...Such as mowing your grass or buzz cutting your hair.