I take 25 mg of zoloft (sertraline) daily, just bought a green superfood powder, it has ginkgo biloba, would it be safe in moderation?

Sertraline & Ginko? ginko can be activating. So, if you're taking sertraline, an SSRI, in part to treat anxiety, Ginko could actually cause some anxiety. In patients who are being treated primarily for ??depression, Ginko may help. The key is to discuss the risks/ benefits & side effects of this change in your regimen with your rx'ing MD before you make it! So ring ASAP. .
Probably. You haven't said why you take the Zoloft (sertraline). But your dose of 26 mg is too low to do anything at all for many people; and not likely to be an issue as an interaction with anything, unless you have something unusual. The Ginkgo: research is conflicted, and it is unclear whether it does anything at all. But why would you not be asking your question of your prescribing doctor?