My mom has never had chickenpox but was around someone with shingles. She doesn't have any symptoms, but could she transmit chicken pox to my newborn?

Unlikely. Tests confirm Cpx antibody in 96% of adults with no prior history of disease. Shingles differs from Cpx in that it can only be passed by direct contact with debris of weeping lesions. Your mom is only at risk of disease if she was one of the few, and had direct exposure. If you had Cpx or the shot, your baby is protected for at least 6 mo.

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Mom has shingles. I've never had chicken pox. Is it contagious?

Yes, by contact. Chicken pox and shingles are due to the same virus (the zoster virus). If a person has no good immunity to the zoster virus (never caught chicken pox, is immunosuppressed, never got the vaccine, or got the vaccine but didn't make enough antibodies) then he can get a case of chicken pox from the virus in the open, moist skin lesions of the shingles patient. One can get his antibody level checked.

I don't know if this rash developed over a 3 day period is an allergic reaction, or could be shingles, or even another type virus. I have never had chicken pox as a child, I confirmed this with my mom?

Need some info. Many people may have chicken pox exposure and not know; shingles is painful. It spreads in a distict dermatome, or nerve distribution of the skin. Is it all over the body? Any recent new soap or products? Were you ill? There are many types of rashes. Some are a reflection of a systemic ilnesss, some are viral, some bacterial, some are allergy. Hydrocortisone cream with fungal cream may b gd strt.
Get it checked. Trying to diagnose a rash by phone or email is the most frustrating thing in the world. It could be all those things you mentioned, a post viral rash, a contact irritation, or even a topical staph infection. A doc can give you an immediate and accurate answer as to what it is, and what to do for it.