Have strep, no sore throat, rash, fatigue, cough, chest pain, had a bloody nose, 3rd round of antibiotics terrible headache, not allergic reaction

May not be strep. If you never had a sore throat, you are a "carrier" This means that you "carry" carry strep without being infected. You will test positive for strep even if you are well. This carrier state can be treated specifically. If you have done 3 rounds of antibiotics, and remain ill, you likely have a virus. Viruses do not respond to antibiotics - and run their course. Re- check New or worsening symptoms.
Work up needed. At this point would recommend further work up, given the fact that your symptoms are no longer matching typical symptoms of Strep tonsillitis. Among other tests would recommend CBC with differential, a chest X-Ray, inflammatory markers, mono spot and HIV status if sexually active.

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I have been fatigued, cough, (using proventil (albuterol) and ventolin) chest heaviness sore throat, runny nose, headache, for 5 weeks now. No fever. Now what?

Viral Infection. A viral infection usually doesn't last that long but cough and the other symptoms could last for a while. If you have these symptoms at the same time each year, it could be 'seasonal allergies' too. Continue the symptomatic treatment. Get checked by your doctor for any allergies (like to pollen, dust mites, pets) etc. Aviod the triggers if you test positive for that. Read more...