(hard palate) Top of mouth towards the teeth it's milky white? Is that serious or normal? Very very worried.

Likely normal. The color in this area varies based on such things as thickness of tissue, blood supply, presence of a maxillary torus ( benign bony bump) , and natural tissue tone and color. Check your lighting when looking at this and look at someone else's with the same lighting to compare -- they may be different, or nearly the same. If unsure, see your Dentist for a check-up. Good Luck.

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Could creamy or milky white top hard palate in mouth mean cancer or something serious? Very worried.

Examination. If you're worried see a Dentist or an Oral Surgeon. Can't see you over the computer, can't evaluate tissue health. Unless you smoker drink, your risk of oral cancer is fairly low. For peace of mind, call your Dentist for an appointment to determine what's wrong, if anything, and how it should be treated. Read more...