0 sleep Thursday night was anxious all day, yesterday maybe 6 hours last night but off & on Would this make my anxiety worse? Is that why I'm so tired after panic attack? Am I Going crazy? Also angry.

Not crazy but need. behavioral health care. It is imperative that you see your doctor for an evaluation and if needed, seek consultation from a psychiatrist. Seeing a psychiatrist is not being crazy; not seeing one when you need to is insane! Wish you good health!
Insomnia and anxiety. Insomnia almost always makes anxiety worse. If this is chronic I strongly recommend seeing both a psychiatrist and an experienced therapist who is action-oriented. I use a number of symbolic things in therapy that help to insure that therapeutic change carries over into the real world. Don't settle for "TV" therapy, therapy should produce measurable positive change!
These are classic. acute panic attack Sx's and sequela. Lack of sleep further degrades your sense of control, which is what sets off the panic in the first place; so, yes this is a negative loop--a circular pathway making anxiety worse. You probably are not going crazy, as anxiety sufferers are actually less prone to psychosis. See a shrink and read: http://www.psychologyproductsandservices.com/page2.html.
Need evaluation. People having a panic attack often fear they are going crazy but you're not. Your 'fight or flight' alarm is causing an adrenalin surge which can also be a reason you're unable to sleep. Sleep deprivation makes you more vulnerable to anxiety. Help is available. Anxiety is treatable. Please ask your doctor for referral to a therapist or psychiatrist. Don't delay because you're in such distress.
Stress . I agree this could be stress. It's not completely clear from what you tell us as to the full understanding of your problem. This is something to discuss with your physician, and you may benefit from therapy to develop a program for you.