How to repair ileocecal valve dysfunction?

Abdominal surgeon. An abdominal surgeon is best qualified to answer your question. There may be such surgeons who have more experience in the problem, so you should inquire first before making an appointment.

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Is it normal for a doctor to you remove a patients ileocecal valve without consent? As well as no warning of what happens after this valve is gone?

Consent for ICV? you presumably knew you were getting colon surgery, no? if you re-read your consent am pretty sure you'll find 'and related procedures' in there. i have no idea why you needed the surgery but can guarantee you that the surgeons would not have removed it for the fun of it. you may have a little looser BMs in the beginning, but your colon/small bowel will adjust. . Read more...

Can resection surgery at the junction of the small and large intestine cause chronic sibo? Assume the ileocecal valve was removed.

Define. I don't know what sibo is. In general, if the ileocecal valve is removed, some patients can have , at least temporarily, some looser stools or urgency. I usually suggest Imodium (loperamide) as needed, a good general diet, avoidance of large meals, and the inclusion of yogurt in the diet. If i'm missing the boat here, define sibo. Good luck. Read more...