How long can you live if your malignant melanoma is treated before it spreads?

Cure possible. It can be cured. Make sure you are being managed by a dermatologist with cancer experiencce.
Cure is possible. Depending on size and volumn a small lesion that has not ulcerated, if less than 1 mm. Thick and is free of any satellites adjacent to the primary can be cured. If there are local satellites, I've seen cures with intralesional BCG. If at high risk, chemo infusion into an extremity can reduce recurrence and with alpha interferon, IL-2 and new checkpoint inhibitors many cures noted.
Normal life. If it is excised prior to its having spread, you have a cure. Keep watch for new lesions. Tumors that have not reached a certain depth are unlikely to have spread.

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Diagnosed- malignant melanoma 5/2017 Diagnosed - treated for anal cancer 5/2016. Pet scan done in March '16. If MM has spread, wouldn't PET scan show?

PET scan is a good t. PET scan is a good test to detect metastatic cancer. In fact it is our best imaging test to catch metastases early. Yet it has some limitations in that it can not show microscopic tumors/ small # of cells in the only shows tumors that are bigger than half a centimeter (>5 mm). That is why this test has to be repeated every 3 to 4 months when there is a risk for the tumor to come back.

Can malignant melanoma be treated with chemo?

Melanoma. On march 25, 2011, the u. S. Food and drug administration approved Ipilimumab Injection (yervoy, bristol-myers squibb company) for the treatment of unresectable or metastatic melanoma.
Another option. This year was amazing for finally having some options to treat mm, including ipilimumab and also vemurafenib. Early diagnosis by getting screened by a board-certified dermatologist is essential to having the highest cure rate. Check yourself and your partner monthly and get to the derm if you notice any new or changing spot!

What does it mean to have a malignant melanoma in your eye? Can it be treated?

Cancer. Your oncologist will discuss with you the treatment options and prognosis.
Retinal cancer. Melanoma can occur in the retina of the eye, technically in the uvea. The treatment is either surgery or radiation. Go to a specialist who treats this often.

I have malignant melanoma in radial stage with minimal microscopic invasion. Could this have spread already, I am waiting for wide excision.

Wait for all results. You have to be more specific, spread depends not how big but how deep into skin the lesion extended, did it penetrated beyond basal layer of skin, wait for wide excision report, then evaluation of sentinal nodes or immediate nodes next to lesion. Then you can predict, speak to your doctor for explanation and stage. Good luck.
Information. Radial grownth phase is probably better than vertical. Melanomas less that 1mm thick have excellent prognosis. The pronosis depends primarily on thickness. Other factors include ulceration, lymphocytic response, regression, tumors in the 1-4mm range benefit from sentinal node biopsy.