After a fracture reduction gone bad my dr tells me my toe is dry gangrene. But all of it is not black there are tiny red islands. Can I recover?

HOW BAD ? How bad a fracture can go ? the discoloration after trauma is not a gangrene, and I do not know why any doctor will make such a comment ,because it is impossible for you to have a dry gangrene. any toe fracture except the big toe could be reduced and taped to the next toe, and it will recover nicely. my advise get a second opinion, something is not right.
Possibly. Would be much easier to comment if we could see a picture somehow.
Natures Way. You have been dealing with this for some time now. You doctor said "wait and see" and that is what You should do. You toe is demarcating, kind of separating the good from the bad. You will most certainly recover. Your toe, though , might show some residual effects. Either way, let nature take its course. Follow up with your doctor, it seems he (she) has a handle on what is going on with your toe.