.How long can anxiety symptoms last? I've been have symptoms of a panic attack for like 3 hours but haven't had an actual panic attack. Is that normal?

Prolonged panic. Panic symptoms without danger are not normal. Please see a physician to determine cause and treatment. SSRI medications like zoloft (sertraline) help many patients with pathological anxiety disorders.
Panic attack. I feel empathy for your panic symptoms You deserve relief. Medications and psychotherapy treat anxiety and panic attack with good success. Due to severe discomfort for 3 hours, it is necessary to have complete evaluation and treatment in emergency room. After that See a Psychiatrist for medication and Therapy for stressors of conflicts with parents, relationships, separations, work, finances.
Panic attacks come. in many flavors. Some last seconds, some days. Some are intense, other more mild. Some threaten to emerge into full blown attacks, others threaten then subside. The triggering and your history and pattern of reactions all set this up and require an in-depth understanding. Go to a psychologist. Here's a reference: http://www.psychologyproductsandservices.com/page2.html.
Perpetual. I suspect this is heightened generalized anxiety, which can be ongoing. The cause of symptoms can be many, including substances that don't sit well with you. But thought is a major factor, especially believing that the anxiety is dangerous and needs to be eliminated. Urgency to get rid of anxiety fuels it. So drop these thoughts best you can.
Yes. It is not unusual for symptoms of anxiety to go on for long periods. What happens is that we exacerbate the anxiety by fear of the symptoms we are experiencing. In short, fear of the fear...try telling yourself that it is just anxiety, nothing life-threatening, and practice some deep breathing, go for a walk, do some yoga, whatever works for you to relax a bit.
Therapy? Have you yet tried any form of psychotherapy? Typically, the optimal combination of things to treat emotional issues such as anxiety or depression is medication (which, on your best day, is supposed to take the edge off symptoms) but the real gruntwork takes place in psychotherapist's consulting room.
Not normal. You may be having 'anticipatory anxiety.' This is intense, often terrifying anxiety from anticipating being in a dreaded situation. Can last for hours, no actual panic attack, but results in avoidance behavior. See your pcp for complete physical to rule out medical causes for anxiety. Then best treatment is therapy and meds (eg, SSRIs) often very helpful.
Two questions here. Anxiety symptoms often come and go in varying degrees of intensity so see if they are specific to certain situations or more general (free floating). Panic attacks hit hard and fast often leading to rapid, shallow breathing, feelings of dread and a strong desire to run away from the feelings. The length of time you describe is long so you may be too focused on the symptoms. Try light yoga exercis.
Panic attacks. Panic attacks are described differently by people, and the symptoms can last differing times. If you haven't had a good physical exam and explanation of safe medications to keep anxiety in control, please see your doc. But also effective CBT and EMDR are extremely helpful in resolving the source of anxiety. I explain,anxiety always started somewhere with a true threat, we treat the origin.
Yes. If it continues for a few days. Take more significant action.
Yes. Yes, experiences of panic can occur and last 3 or more hours. It is important to try to understand the trigger for the panic. I am not clear what distinction you are making between panic and panic attacks.
Anxiety. If you are concerned about your Anxiety symptoms first get a physical exam from a Doctor to find out if you have an illness. If not, then it would be good to consult with a Clinical Psychologist to get help. Medications can be useful when added to psychotherapy.
Yes anxiety can be. very distressing and make you believe time is going much slower or faster than normal. It might be a good idea to try medicine if you are having panic attacks and not being able to cope with issues without fearing heart attacks, sweating, losing time or being so distracted or stuck nothing gets done. good luck.