What are some recommendations for ecsema in children?

ECZEMA IN CHILDREN. Eczema is a general term for a diffuse rash with itching. It is an incessant itchy eruption that almost invariably begins in infancy, is inherited, is often accompanied in later years by hay fever or asthma. A dermatologist is the best doctor to consult for this. Soaps make it worse; use cetaphil. Wash clothing in all free & clear.
Diet, lotions. 85% children under age one with eczema have food allergies. Dairy is number one. Different lotions can help as can cod liver oil (orally). Homeopathic remedies can help as can chinese medicine. Locate trained practitioners in your area. Sometimes steroids are needed short term. In general i like to avoid them as a daily treatment while looking for underlying causes and treat those-with diet #1.