Will drinking Gatorade help with leg pain and lower back pain after a colonoscopy? Being that the prep depletes fluids in your body.

Maybe unrelated . Back and leg pain are not something typically related to the procedure, by if you're dehydrated from the prep, Gatorade can help rehydrate you, and possibly help alleviate our symptoms.bthey may however be unrelated. Its easy enough to try! Hope this helps.

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I had a colonoscopy a couple days ago, could I get kidney damage from drinking the prep? I have horrible lower back pain.

Pain . Kidney damage is not common after c-scopy prep. In patients with advanced kidney disease, pre-existing , a certain prep can cause some issues. Your lower back pain in unusual and you should contact the GI doc. Pain from the kidney is unusual for what you had done. You should seek care. Even when kidney function is affected pain is not a usual symptom. . Read more...